Sunday, May 29, 2011

Surf Baby Favorites!

Hello lovlies! It's been a while since I did a blog post, I've been focusing more on my videos. But today I wanted to let you all know what my FAVORITES were from the MAC Surf Baby Collection.

I've actually fallen in love with this collection. I've found that the past year or two I've been quite dissapointed in the Mac's collections. But I couldn't believe how many things I liked!

So my favorites were:

Skin Sheen Bronzer Stick
Cheek Powder
Crush Metallic Pigments (Summer Stash and Surf The Ocean)
Surf USA Eyeshadow

So I did buy more things from the collection but let me tell you why I LOVE these products so much.

The Skin Sheen Bronzer Sticks should freaking be permanent! They're simply amazing, everyone's comparing them to the Nars multiples, other than the shape and the fact that they're a cream product, they don't even compare. I Purchased mine in the color Billionaire Bronze, and it's simply divine. It's a true tan color, not orange, not too red, just a warm tan, a real brown. I apply it by swiping my 109 brush over the top of the cream stick (you barely need any!) and buffing it on to my face after foundation but post powder. The pigmentation is to die for, the staying power is insane, and looks beautiful. I have oily skin and it doesn't break down, it's beautiful. I put a dab on my 9 year old sister the other day and everyone thought she had been playing out in the sun, not wearing make up. They're fabulous!

The Cheek Powder in My Paradise, is to die for I must say. I knew this would sell quick but I planned on not purchasing it. I saw swatches on temptalia's website and just wasn't drawn in at all. I looked very gimmicky. However, I went to Nordstrom to pre-sale the collection and as I was leaving the sales associate insisted I check it out, and it was amazing. So I bought it. But...when I tried it, I died. For woman of color this blush is a godsend!! It's so pigmented! You need one swipe and you have very trendy orange coral cheeks. Everyone's sad about the impermanence of the gold overspray but...I actually don't care for it, it's gets in the way of the beautiful orange color!! Now...I know this sold out in a day, but if you can find it online, I suggest getting it. I saw it being sold for $40 on Bonanzaa. And that's not bad at all considering it has more product than a MSF.

The Crushed Metallic Pigments are a pain in the butt to work with!! Horrible fallout, super messy, chunky and the like...BUT...when you get them to work and your patient with them, they are freaking gorgeous! I seriously can't get enough these guys. Super pigmented with a wet like finish. Gorgeous, not much to say. Apply BEFORE foundation, I promise. You can expect a tutorial using these!

Surf USA Eyeshadow is an amazing teal blue color. It's a frost finish but applies like a satin, super pigmented gorgeous finish and even retains it's color when blending, I hate when colors turn hideous suggestions of what they were when you blend them out, like MAC's Carbon. Ew. Anyway love love love.

I decided against doing swatches because I figured...everyone's done that but I will be using them in future tutorials so stay soon and SUBSCRIBE. XOXO


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  1. I think this is a collection I am going to skip out on...I just can't justify getting any of it! I can't wait to see what you do with these products.