Friday, May 6, 2011

Revlon Colorstay Review (Oily/Normal Formula)

So I tried this foundation for the first time about 3 days ago and I've worn it everyday since so I could have a good review about it.

This is the very first drugstore foundation that I've tried. I've always felt it was worth it to splurge on foundations so I never ventured to the drugstore for that product in particular. However, after hearing rave reviews about this particular foundation I got curious and decided I had to try it.

It cost me $13.00 at Walgreens and I purchased the Oily/Normal formula because that fits my skin type best. I'm in the color 370 Toast (I found my color by looking on the foundation matrix

I found that the I get best application when applying with a damp sponge. It's full coverage and sets pretty matte. I still set the foundation with Mac's Prep+Prime Translucent Finishing Powder because it drives home the flawless finish of this foundation. It really does a great job of covering imperfections and doesn't look cakey. And it lasts UNTIL you wash it off!! I took a nap with it on and had it on for 13 hours one day. This stuff means business.

As for the cons: It did oxidize on me slightly which I didn't appreciate but I powdered a bit and it seemed to help the problem. It is very thick and heavy and has a VERY tacky feel when applied. It also has an odd...paint smell. It doesn't have a pump, it pours out VERY easily.

BOTTOM LINE: This is perfect for evening makeup, you won't have to worry about sweating, fading, maybe oxidizing...but it's not to noticeable. It covers so many imperfections seeing as it's full coverage. If you don't mind the heavy feel and initial tackiness when applied then I feel like this is a great foundation.

The reason why I'm not in love with this foundation is because I've found many foundations that give me a flawless full coverage finish without the heaviness that this foundation has.

I recommend this for oily girls like me, you love the shine control! You'll love the coverage and you'll love not having to worry about your foundation slipping, fading, or going patchy! So check it out, it's a cheaper alternative also!

I will continue to wear this foundation on evenings out when I don't want to worry about my foundation and I want it to be flawless!!

XOXO Callie

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